Franklin - Elveru

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Reinhart Struzyna of Dovetail Design-Build has a gift for capturing light and views and for adding unique details that make a room both stunning and comfortable.

We hired Reinhart to create an addition for our home that included a large family room with a built-in banquette, a desk area, adjoining mudroom and a new deck.

The process included conversations about our exact needs and what we wanted to do in each area.

Oriented towards our woods, a large window in the family room offers constantly changing views depending on the season. Reinhart’s design features a unique oak beam structure with tiny hidden lights that bounce off the high ceiling, creating a cozy, glowing area below where we spend our evenings.

A major challenge to the project included integrating the old roofline with the addition. Reinhart’s solution was so seamless it is impossible to know where the new addition was added—something our neighbors commented on when the work was complete. We were delighted with both the process and the resulting structure.

More recently, we contacted Reinhart and his wife, Paula Becvar, an interior designer, for advice about kitchen renovations. Reinhart’s drawings and their recommendations on materials and finishes guided us in creating a beautiful and functional kitchen.

We highly recommend Reinhart Struzyna and Dovetail Design-Build.

Sherrill Franklin/Larry Elveru
West Grove, PA